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Shipping Policies

Our Packaging Method

When we ship our Specialty Chorizo, we are not just shipping you our delicious quality products; we are reducing our footprint with our Environmentally-Friendly Packaging for a greener world.

Our frozen product is placed inside a reusable thermal pouch; our recyclable shipper box is then lined with biodegradable insulated foam to house the pouch. A bag containing Dry Ice is then placed on top of the sealed thermal pouch. 



Don Felipe is currently only shipping 5 or 10 pounds of product per box.  Please contact customer service if you are interested in shipments over 10lbs.


Frozen Product

To help ensure your order arrives in optimal condition, every order is shipped frozen with the exception of our Chorizo Salami. Don Felipe guarantees the quality of its chorizo products  within six months of the ship date for all frozen items when kept in the Cryovac package. Our products will arrive frozen or partially frozen.


Please plan ahead if you are planning to cook and serve our chorizo for an event or special occasion, our frozen product may take up 10 hours to thaw in your refrigerator. All frozen products should be thawed naturally in your refrigerator.


Orders are only shipped on Monday & Tuesday. Please plan ahead if you’re  needing  product for a special occasion or event. Orders are shipped 2nd Day Air via UPS. However, your order may arrive +/- 1 days from the estimated delivery day. A tracking number will be generated and shared with our customers once the product reaches our shipping carrier.  Don Felipe is not responsible for products left unattended after it has been delivered. 


UPS drivers will leave all packages at the shipping destination (no need to sign).  Due to COVID-19, the driver may or may not ring the doorbell or knock upon delivery. However, we recommend our customers be aware that this is a perishable product and should not be left unattended once it has been delivered.  We recommend opening your package upon arrival and properly storing your product in a freezer or refrigerator. Don Felipe is not responsible for product damaged due to a delay in opening and/or improper storing of our products. 

Cut off Times – all orders placed before or by Saturday at 10pm PST will be processed and shipped on Monday or Tuesday of that week. Orders placed after the cut off day and time will be processed and shipped the following Monday or Tuesday.


Please do not return or refuse our packages. Unfortunately, DF is not able to accept returns. Please contact customer service with questions or if there are issues with your order within 10 days upon arrival. 


Unforeseeable Events and Delays. 

We can guarantee the quality of our products. However, we have no control over unforeseeable events such as weather and transit delays once the package is in the hands of our shipping carrier.

Cancelations – We may honor cancelations if an order is cancelled by Friday at 10 PM PST. Once orders have been shipped, orders cannot be canceled. Don Felipe Fine Products is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses. Please double-check addresses.

Changes – Once the order has been handed off to our shipping carrier, we are unable to make changes.


Address –

We are currently only shipping to residential addresses. If a shipment will be delivered to an apartment building or gated community, please provide your gate code/access code on the address line provided to ensure an on-time delivery. Don Felipe Fine Products is not responsible for undeliverable shipments.  Please plan ahead when placing your order, be mindful that the product delivered should not be left unattended due to it’s perishable nature. Don Felipe is not responsible for missed deliveries.



If you are gifting our products, be sure to double-check the address. Also, please confirm that the gift recipient is able and available to accept deliveries before placing your order. We encourage you to let the recipient know that a perishable shipment is on the way and should not be left unattended once it has been delivered.

Weather Delays

Inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances may delay your shipment. We are not responsible for shipment delays caused by adverse or unpredictable weather conditions.

Copyright © 2021 Don Felipe Fine Products once the shipment leaves our hands some things outside of our control like the weather and transit delays once the package is in the hands of FedEx, UPS or USPS. As such, the shipping guidelines published on this website are not guarantees of a shipping or arrival date.

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