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Don Felipe products is a family owned and operated business focusing on sourcing and distributing high quality exotic Mexican and Latin American products. It all started in 2012 when a recipe was passed down from generations throughout our family. Green chorizo is a traditional product found in the streets of Toluca, Mexico. We started making this recipe for our friends and family and it wasn't until our friends recommended we try and sell our "Green Chorizo".

Starting Locally

We are all about local partnerships with farmers and suppliers. We knew we wanted to focus on traceable meat so we decided to begin preparing and selling our products. We began with a "Green" and "Red" Chorizo. With the help of an amazing organization known as "Adelante Mujeres", we began selling at the Forest Grove Farmers market in Oregon. As our sales grew, so did the amount of volume we needed to produce on a regular basis. We partnered up with Co-Packer SP Provisions in Portland, Oregon so that the time we were investing in production we could invest in marketing, sales, and farmers markets.


Making Local Connections

Fast forward, by 2017 we had been selling at several different farmers markets, introducing new products, and selling wholesale to stores in the Portland Metro area. We are really blessed to know that we now have a following and have restaurants throughout the Pacific northwest interested in sourcing our products. From Bon Appetit to Market of Choice, we have had an amazing time making connections and working alongside local business in our area.

Road to Growth

Don Felipe products will always have the same vision; Bringing the Exotic taste of Mexico to locations throughout the U.S. With the help and support of local businesses, organizations, and friends, we knew we wanted to source local ,sustainable ingredients from farmers and suppliers we trust for all our products. We exist to create and distribute flavorful traditional and exotic Mexican and Latin American products.


Our Mission

To bring the exotic taste of Mexico throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Proudly sourcing local meats from a small network of farms within Oregon, and Eastern WA since 2012.

Our Promise

To source local high quality, all-natural, traceable and sustainable ingredients from farmers and suppliers we trust for all our products, and create meaningful relationships with those around us.

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