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Mexican Chorizo

Portland Made | Toluca Inspired

For The Culinary Explorer


The Exotic taste of Mexico

Our staple product is the Chorizo Verde. Green chorizo is a traditional chorizo found in the  mercados of Toluca, Mexico

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Don Felipe Fine Products specializes in bringing the exotic taste of Mexico by offering a Traditional take on Chorizo using locally sourced, high quality ingredients. Crafted in Small Batches using locally sourced proteins from a small network of farms within Oregon and Eastern Washington. 

Free of fillers and by-products , no added sugars, msg, soy, dairy, or wheat


Tempeh Chorizo

Meat-less Alternative

Discover our plant-based, soy-free Tempeh Chorizo—a meatless twist on the authentic Mexican flavors you love. Seasoned with a blend of spices, our Tempeh Chorizo offers a delicious alternative. Choose from Organic Black Bean and Sunflower Seeds or Chickpea and Quinoa varieties. Experience Chorizo reimagined, without compromising on taste.

♠ Soy Free ♠ Vegan
♠ Plant Based ♠ Gluten Free 

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