What our customers are saying

Steven Christina Suarez


"Oh my goodness the best I have ever had! I will be buying more!"

Selena Cornelius


"Amazing. I am from New Mexico and there are not a lot of foods that catch my taste buds like the verde chorizo. I bought it at the Vancouver Farmers Market a week ago and finally made it yesterday. I love the flavor, the spice, and the fact that is not filled with all kinds of grease. Don Felipe you did a great job."

Beth Ann Robinson


"Bought some green chorizo yesterday at the Vancouver Farmers' Market. Breakfast today: chorizo, homemade beans, and eggs over easy. Fantastic!"

Angie Pizano


"Superb chorizo only but the best, everyone must try."

Myrian Cavalli Fontan


"Best chorizo verde Ever! Make with very High quality products and amazing taste! We bought we tried we love it!"

LeeAnne Fontana Montes


"I bought the red this weekend at Vancouver's Farmers Market. Good flavor. Not greasy. And it felt good to buy something local for dinner, instead of stopping at the grocery store. I will be picking up the Verde next time!"

Mark Sanchez


"This chorizo verde is simply the best chorizo I've ever eaten. At 63, I've had some practice! Please repeat where lucky consumers can find your products. "

Steve Sporre


"Awesome! Nice to see you at the Beaverton farmers market. Had to have some of that chorizo and it was fantastic! Lean and clean with the right amount of heat."

Cristy Gaia Munoz


"Talk about flavor! Don Felipe's chorizo verde provides me and my loved ones with decadent breakfast meals. I've bought great chorizo around town and this is one of my favorite brands. No added sugar to boot is a plus. Well done!"

Crecencio Ayala


"Amigos Pruebenlo!!! la Calidad y Precio del CHORIZO no tiene Comparacion EXCELENTE!..."

Alisha Morales


"Chorizo verde!!!! Best I have ever tasted!!! Thank you"

Mary Bejarano


"Its the best chorizo I have ever had - es el mejor chorizo que probado"

Xandra Ayala


"Ingredientes de Primera Calidad!!!...hacen este Chorizo Verde una Comida muy Saludable y Sabrosa!"

Bryant Hernandez-Aguilar


"Having lived in Mexico for two years I can say that this is hands down some of the most authentic tasting chorizo, dare I state that it is better than the chorizo in Mexico? I'd say so."

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