5 lbs Specialty Chorizo Case

5 lbs Specialty Chorizo Case

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Our mission is simple; to bring the exotic taste of Mexico to your table. Unlike conventional brands or methods, Don Felipe’s specialty chorizo is lean and clean, yet packed with flavor.   

This case contains 5 packages of 1lbs each (individually packaged). Choose from three of our popular Chorizo recipes: Verde, Rojo, or Chicken.  Our customers have enjoyed our savory Chorizo in many different ways. Enhance your Alfredo Pasta with our chorizo Verde.  Add a "kick" to your favorite soups or Chili with our Chorizo Rojo.


♠  Our Chorizo Verde is made with: Pork Shoulder, Angus Beef, Pumpkin Seeds, Spinach, Serrano Peppers & spices 

♠  Our Chorizo Rojo is made with: Pork shoulder, Cinnamon, Paprika & spices  

♠  Our Chicken Chorizo ( Pork-free ) is made with: Skinless Chicken, Smoked Chipotle Peppers & spices. 

  • Crafted in Small Batches  
  • Free of fillers and by-products  
  • No added sugars, msg, soy, dairy, wheat 
  • Made with quality Chicken, Pork, and Beef 
  • These products are not certified gluten-free.