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Who We are

Don Felipe Products is a family owned business that specializes in Artisan Mexican Chorizo since 2012. We only use quality locally sourced meats,spices and natural preservatives such as. Apple cider vinegar and salt. Our fresh Chorizo  products are USDA lean, free of fillers, nitrites, and MSG. Our staple products is the Chorizo verde. The recipe is native to Toluca, Mexico, and it calls for Pumpkin seeds, Serrano Peppers, Spinach, and a flavorful blend of ground spices, and it is proudly made in Portland, Oregon.

Our Mission

At Don Felipe products our mission is to source local high quality, all-natural, traceable and sustainable ingredients from farmers and suppliers we trust for all our products, and create meaningful relationships with those around us. We exist to create and distribute flavorful traditional and exotic Mexican and Latin American products. 



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Our Team



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